Classic Lash

Eyelash Extensions are soft, flexible synthetic eyelashes that are individually applied onto your natural lash. The procedure is painless, comfortable and very relaxing.

The MICHA Lash Professional chooses different lengths, widths and curls necessary in order to adhere properly to the natural lash and to provide the desired look. Extensions are versatile and can be arranged to achieve many different looks. This course offers in depth coaching on how to consult each individual client and how to achieve different looks. It also covers extensive theory, testing, and hands on demonstrations with live models.

This Course Covers:

  • Station set up and tool sanitation steps
  • Client preparation and lash framing
  • Lash Removal
  • How to use all curl types including J,B, C, D, L, and L+ lash extensions
  • Lash cure with Nano Mister
  • Health and safety practices
  • Client consultations
  • Infection prevention & Sterilization
  • 3 step procedures for fill appointments
  • Troubleshooting shed patterns

Included in
Student Kit:

  • Battery Operated Fan
  • New Longer Extension Coating Sealer
  • Professional Tweezers Strong Curved
  • Professional Tweezers Angled
  • Professional Tweezers Straight
  • Practice Lashes
  • 3M Tape
  • Under Eye Gel Patches (5pk)
  • Micha Brochure
  • 1-piece Window decal
  • 1 piece Thank You cards
  • Standard Beauty Case
  • Pro Bond Glue –Black Cap
  • J Curl –MINK Black Lashes – 0.15 Mix
  • J Curl –MINK Black Lashes – 0.20 Mix
  • C Curl – MINK Black Lashes – 0.15Mix
  • C Curl – MINK Black Lashes – 0.20 Mix
  • Disposable Plastic Glue Trays (12pk)
  • Protein Remover & Primer Liquid (60ml)
  • Disposable Mascara Wands (10pk) Lint –
  • Free Applicator Wand (10pk)
  • Gel Remover
  • Crystal Plate
  • Professional Mini Scissors