Microblading is a very popular cosmetic tattoo procedure in which super fine needles are used to create natural-looking hair marks on the skin of the eyebrow. Microblading is performed by using a fine blade to deposit pigment into the upper region of the dermis via thin hair-like strokes. This is an advanced technique that requires lots of patience and practice. It does not involve the use of a machine.

This Course Covers:

  • Brow design methodology
  • Eyebrow measurements
  • Correct Brow Placement
  • Skin Composition
  • Colour Theory and Colour Mix
  • Blade Choice and Usage
  • Microblading Technique with Hand Tool
  • How to prevent Fading
  • How to prevent and make corrections
  • Health & Safety Review
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Sterilization & Disinfection

Included in
Student Kit:

  • 8 Pigment Bottles
  • Microblading Pen
  • Eyebrow Marker with Ruler
  • Micro Needle 7CF (10 pack)
  • Micro Needle 14 U (10 pack)
  • Ring Ink Cup (10 pack)
  • Sketching Pencil
  • Practice Skin (4pcs)
  • Numbing Cream 10ml
  • Brow Measuring Stencil (Ruler Clear)
  • Thank You/After Care Cards (pk of 10)
  • Window Decal
  • Microblading Brochure
  • Aluminium Kit Case

Before & After: