Ombre & Duo Brows


This is a combination of two techniques; Microblading and Brow Shadowing. Beauty trends are always evolving, and that is why this winning combination was created. The look is that of well-defined brow hair strokes with the soft look of Ombre effect. Ombre is a gentle micro-blading technique using the SofTouch dotting method, using our specialty SofTouch needles to create a soft shading brow effect. Ombre offers you a soft and natural finish for those individuals looking for a subtler effect than traditional microblading.

This Course Covers:

  • Station set up
  • Eyebrow shadowing
  • Ombre effect with different pigment colors
  • Partial restoration of lost eyebrows
  • Faster healing time with little trauma.
  • Semi-permanent results giving you the opportunity to change the design and colors in the future
  • After Care Instructions
  • Demonstration of Ombre and Duo Brows by certified Micha Trainer
  • Sanitization & Disinfection
  • Consent forms
  • Health & Safety Review

Included in
Student Kit:

  • 1x Black pigment
  • 1x White pigment
  • 12x R Needles Mixed (5,7,9,19)
  • 5x Flat Needle
  • 5x 4 Group Needles
  • Double Headed Pen
  • 1×10 ml numbing cream
  • 5x pigment ring with foam
  • 1x pack of Micro Brushes
  • 1x Sketching Pencil
  • 2x Practise Skins
  • 1x Surgical Marker with Ruler

Before & After: