SofTouch™ Lips & Eyes is the gentlest form of cosmetic tattoo lip and eye enhancement. Our program involves the artistry of semi-permanent eyeliner (top, bottom or lash line enhancement) as well as semi-permanent lip enhancement (lip liner, blush lips, full lips). What is different about what is out there? SofTouch™ is done using a hand-held tool and not a digital machine, making the course more affordable for students, yet providing a naturally enhanced result to their customers.

This Course Covers:

  • Station Set Up
  • Lip shadowing
  • Lip Lining
  • Choosing the perfect colour for clients
  • Designing the lip outline
  • SofTouch™ lip maneuvering techniques
  • Post treatment care
  • In home after care
  • SofTouch™ Lip healing process
  • SofTouch™ eyeliner maneuvering techniques
  • Upper Eyeliner & Lower eyeliner procedure
  • Eyeliner post procedure care
  • Post treatment care
  • In home after care
  • SofTouch™ Eyeliner healing process
  • Sterilization and Disinfection

Included in
Student Kit:

Before & After: