Volume Lash

Volume Lashes utilize the application of multiple fine, thin, fluffy lash extension “fans” to a single natural lash. They differ from traditional eyelash extensions in this way. Volume lashes are extremely lightweight, allowing the technician to apply 2-6 extensions per natural lash.

Regular extensions are far too heavy to apply using this method.

This course offers in depth coaching on how to consult each individual client and how to achieve different thicknesses with volume lashes (2D – 6D).

This Course Covers:

  • Help with selecting the right lash curl and design of length on different eye shapes and styles.
  • Learning the ART of isolation, lash fanning, adhesive application and placement.
  • Application of 2-6 lashes at one time to create fullness and volume. (2D -6D method)

Included in
Student Kit:

  • Battery Operated Fan
  • Small Beauty Case
  • Ultra Bond Glue (Blue Cap)
  • (2x) Volume Mink Lash Trays
  • Crystal Plate
  • Professional Tweezers (2) – Straight, Volume
  • Protein Remover Liquid
  • Surgical Tape 3m (x1)
  • Under Eye Gel Pads (5pk)
  • Mascara Wands (10Pk)
  • Lint Free Applicator (10pk)
  • Lash and Glue Ring